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High-quality lifting services

As the service leader in our industry, we offer a superior selection of lifting services, from planning to implementation, with decades of experience. Whether it be a small single piece lift or a large, comprehensive turnkey service package, we deliver the service reliably, efficiently, and safely.

Our fleet ranges from small industrial cranes to large lattice-boom cranes with high lifting capacity. With our electrically powered mobile and crawler cranes, we can offer a sustainable alternative in industrial, construction, and infrastructure projects.


Havator has long and extensive experience in delivering lifting services to various industries such as the energy, chemical, mining, paper and pulp and metal. We handle, for example, demanding lifts of plant elements and machinery in connection with annual maintenance and maintenance shutdowns.

Our customized maintenance contract packages and turnkey service packages can include, in addition to lifting, also special transport and heavy haulage services. Havator’s harbor lifting and material handling services can complement the other services delivered.

Wind energy

Havator is a turnkey service provider also for the wind energy sector, from erecting and maintaining wind parks to dismantling them. Based on the customer’s needs, we can handle the mills already in selected harbors and transport the elements to the wind farms, where our team can assist with, for example, assembly and maintenance.

We serve our wind power customers in the entire Nordic region with comprehensive lifting, heavy haulage and special transport equipment perfectly suited for our customers’ varying needs.


The developing construction industry needs a flexible partner. Thanks to our constantly developing fleet and our advanced lifting design services, we can offer lifting solutions for all construction sites, from small houses to arena projects. In Sweden, we also offer assembly and montage services from planning to execution.

Our service contracts allow for predictability. Also, working with a familiar, reliable service provider brings about peace of mind and efficiency. On a project-by-project basis, we deliver a service package that best suits your needs.


Havator is an experienced supplier of lifting services in infrastructure construction projects. Our experience covers for example road, railway, harbor, tunnel, and bridge construction projects.

Infrastructure lifting service packages typically include lifting and hauling of heavy elements with cranes and modular transporters in different size categories. In demanding special lifts, the professionalism and experience of our drivers come into their own. We also offer customized service contracts for infrastructure construction operators.

Largest fleet in the Nordics

Havator has the largest lifting fleet in the Nordics, from small industrial cranes to large lattice boom cranes. We supplement our fleet and equipment regularly so that we can always guarantee the best, safest solution for the job at hand.

No challenge is too small or big for us

Due to our extensive equipment and expertise, we can always offer the best solution for any lifting job. Thanks to our comprehensive network of local depots, we are close and present throughout Finland and Sweden. Our skilled personnel carry out even the most demanding projects efficiently and safely.

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We serve all industries, from construction, manufacturing and forest to energy, metal, infrastructure, and mining.

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