Electric cranes

Sustainable lifting with electric cranes

Many benefits from lifting with electric cranes

An electric crane is a choice already available for those interested in the green transition. Havator’s electric fleet includes both larger crawler cranes that can handle heavy lifting and smaller cranes that can efficiently be used in, for example, indoor lifting or in challenging terrain.

Electric cranes perform as efficiently as equivalent diesel-powered cranes. They are well-suited for industrial lifting and infrastructure projects. In addition to reduced emissions, they are almost silent, and can withstand minus 25 degrees without their recyclable batteries getting affected.

The advantages of electric cranes

  • Capable of lifting as heavy loads as traditional cranes, without exhaust gases.
  • Meet the higher environmental requirements set for many projects these days.
  • Effectively contribute to a competitive total cost in construction projects.
  • Completely silent, which contributes to an optimal working environment.
  • Thanks to heavily reduced vibrations and the absence of diesel soot and particles in the air, the working environment becomes much more pleasant.
  • Reduced emissions: 75,000 kg of carbon dioxide, at least 14,000 liters of diesel per year for a large crane.*

*Calculation via miljöfordon.se – developed by Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö city with support from the EU

Use cases

  • CLT element lifting
  • Wood, steel, and hall constructions, also indoors
  • Industrial maintenance and construction work
  • Antenna and electrical installations
  • Roofing work, solar panel installations
  • Window and facade elements, attic elements
  • Road works
  • Installations on construction sites

Technical data: electric cranes

Make & modelLifting capacity (t)Boom length (m)Jib (m)Brochure
Palfinger PCC115.00230249.3Brochure
Liebherr LR 1160 Unplugged16087.583Brochure
Liebherr LR 1250 Unplugged2508695Brochure
Demag AC 454531.213Brochure

Technical data: mobile tower cranes with electric drive option

Make & modelLifting capacity (t)Vertical boom (m)Horizontal boom (m)Lifting height (m)Brochure
Liebherr MK-88+8.830.24559.1Brochure
Liebherr MK-88-4.1+8.830.24559.1Brochure
Liebherr MK-1408.839.96594.4Brochure

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