Mobile tower cranes

When speed and agility are necessities

Mobile tower crane revolutionizes lifting, especially in locations where reach is a challenge.

A modern age lifting device

A mobile tower crane combines the mobility of a mobile crane with the reach of a tower crane. A mobile tower crane moves to the site as quickly and easily as a mobile crane and can be erected and ready for lifting in less than an hour. Its lifting speed is in its own class, which makes it a very cost-effective alternative. Our fleet includes both Liebherr and Spiering mobile tower cranes.

Roofing, weather protection, steel structure installations, CLT elements and much more – with a mobile tower crane, lifting is handled nimbly even in tight spaces. It is also possible to drive Liebherr’s MK mobile tower cranes with electricity alone, which makes them a green choice for lifting jobs.

Use cases

  • CLT element lifting
  • Wood, steel, and hall constructions
  • Scaffolding and weather protection
  • Antenna and electrical installations
  • Roofing work, solar panel installations
  • Window and facade elements, attic elements
  • Road works ​
  • Lighter installations on construction sites

Technical data

Make & modelLifting capacity (t)Vertical boom (m)Horizontal boom (m)Lifting height (m)Brochure
Liebherr MK-88+8.830.24559.1Brochure
Liebherr MK-88-4.1+8.830.24559.1Brochure
Liebherr MK-1408.839.96594.4Brochure
Spiering SK597-AT4730.44858.1Brochure
Spiering SK599-AT5934.15056.3Brochure

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