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Havator produces well-planned and customized transport services for all special transport needs, whether it be a special transport of a single item or a comprehensive convoy of transports on a turnkey basis.

Our transport fleet is designed exclusively for special transports and covers small low loader trailers as well as heavy modular transporters that can carry the most demanding loads. Our equipment also includes a wide range of transport aids, such as weighing equipment, and our skilled personnel is there to carry out the most demanding work.

Havator’s long-term partner, the world’s largest international wind power producer Vestas, has given the Best Partner of Transport recognition to Havator’s special transport unit in 2023.

Special transports

Havator carries out oversized load road transports with its comprehensive special transport fleet. The service packages usually include e.g. transport permits, routing, safety cars and/or traffic steering services. Special transports can be carried out either individually or in convoys.

Project transports

Havator offers project-specific special transport services of both normal- and oversized loads. As the number of transports can be considerable, the project transports usually have a designated project manager.

Wind power logistics

A complete logistics solution, offered and operated by Havator, starts with the unloading of the ship at a harbor and ends with the unloading of the transported pieces at the wind farm. Lifting services can also be included in the projects. In wind power logistics projects, there is always a designated project manager.

Sea transports

Havator can offer and carry out chartering of cargo ships and pontoon vessels when there is an onward transport with Havator in the transport chain, i.e. as part of our turnkey service packages.

Routing services

Havator maps and examines transport routes and performs route reviews for special transports. Routing services are also offered to, for example, project developers in connection with feasibility studies and/or when preparing offers for deliveries to industrial plants.

Escorting and permits

Havator’s transport team and its subcontractors carry out escorting of Havator’s special transports. Havator also has extensive experience in handling special transport permits, and the team works daily with local authorities.

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