The widest range of equipment

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Comprehensive and versatile fleet

Havator has the largest lifting equipment in the Nordics, from small industrial cranes to large lattice-boom cranes with high lifting capacity. In addition to machinery, we offer a wide selection of lifting aids, and professional personnel to carry out even the most demanding jobs.

We supplement our equipment regularly, which ensures that the customer can always find a safe device that works and suits the job at hand.

In addition to lifting, heavy haulage, and special transport services, Havator delivers turnkey service packages. Contact us, we will be happy to tell you more about our services!

Mobile cranes

We have several different types of mobile cranes in our fleet: in addition to agile cranes, our fleet also includes slow-moving cranes and mobile cranes equipped with lattice booms.

Crawler cranes

Lattice-boom crawler cranes are especially well-suited for lifting large loads in industrial and infrastructure sites. In construction, the cranes are often used in e.g. apartment building element installations.

Mobile tower cranes

A mobile tower crane is agile and very useable for example in cramped city environment. It is particularly handy when lifting loads like weather shelters, racks, insulation and frames, i.e. on sites where there are multiple lifts to be done, the loads are relatively small, and where lifting speed is an asset.

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Loader cranes

Loads move quickly and nimbly with loader cranes! Loader cranes are suitable for lifting goods, light steel structures and alike, and can be used in e.g. installations and haulage. Due to their versatility, they work perfect for most smaller scale lifting jobs.

Harbor cranes and material handling machines

The key principles in our harbor services are reliability and usability. That’s why we also invest in our harbor cranes and material handling equipment: the fleet is always modern and tailored to the overall needs of the harbor.

Modular transporters

The most comprehensive heavy haulage equipment in the Nordics guarantees the best hauling method to supplement crane work. The self-propelled modular transporters, SPMTs, can move objects weighing up to thousands of tons safely, conveniently, and precisely.

Electric cranes

Sustainable lifting with electric cranes

Havator's electric fleet includes both larger crawler cranes that can handle heavy lifting and smaller cranes that can efficiently be used in, for example, indoor lifting or in challenging terrain.

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